8 Grisly Magic Mushroom Pics

By TOke
8 Grisly Magic Mushroom Pics

Magic Mushrooms are illegal and TOke is in no way promoting its usage. K? K.


Magic mushrooms are vile. From afar, they look as disgusting as they taste, or so they say. But up close? It’s an entirely different story and a macro photographer’s dream.


My favorite part about macro photography is how remarkably complex the itsy bitsy parts of the world are. I think we take for granted just how much detail is around us at every moment. Even the most grisly of things can look beautiful when you look close enough.  Really, it’s the small details that put things in perspective. What better way to illustrate this than with some disgusting magic mushroom macro photography?  


True story: I took these magic mushroom pictures at 2 am on Christmas day. I was visiting an old high school friend. His hip, younger brother decided to show me his “vault of psychedelics”. He was a fungi to shoot with. 


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