Black Diesel

By TOke
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Black Diesel

x_ Sativa

Genetics: NYC Diesel x Black Domina

THC: Not Listed

Dispensary: Queens of Cannabis

Price: $13/g



Black Diesel x_ Wow. The Black Diesel bud is absolutely stunning. Its trichomes look as if they were perfectly laid across its dark green hue.  Textbook stuff.  And it’s not like it’s one of those superficial strains. It really does back it up—in the most potent of ways. I would recommend Black Diesel to anyone who enjoys both sativa and indica cannabis alike—since it actually transitions from one to the other over the course of the high. It begins with a jittery sort of mental excitement and then at the 15-minute mark some good ol’ corporal sensations come into the mix. Inevitably you will stop talking mid sentence and think to yourself “wow I’m lit”. But how does it smell you ask? There's some pungent dank, though the earthiness does come out as it dries. If you have a bit more of a refined canna-palet, you’ll appreciate a lot of the pungent, smooth undertones. 10x better than NYC Diesel.

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