Pink Pineberry

By TOke
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Pink Pineberry

x_ Hybrid Cannabis

Genetics: Not Listed

THC: Not Listed

Dispensary: Cannabis Culture

Price: $50/3.5g


Pink Pineberry x_ Apparently this is supposed to be one of the better pink strains in the 6ix. If you’re a fan of Pink Kush, but you want to opt for something with a little less indica, this just might fit the bill.  That is, assuming you can get past the look. I mean, it’s not Frankenstein ugly or some kind of fish, but it’s definitely not the prettiest tool in Cannabis Culture’s shed. The nugs are hard as a rock, and also, somewhat annoying, they were poorly trimmed. Again, nothing dramatic... if you’re not a connoisseur, you might not even notice. But when I’m paying $14+ a gram for cannabis, I will be a stickler (AND SO SHOULD YOU). Don’t ever accept half ass… but I digress.


The taste is straight Gucci Mane: classic medium skunk meets pink lemonade. Smelling the bag impresses this feeling that there are two very distinct odors emanating from the bag; once busted the layers break down and the sour-sweet and skunk come together. A fat woof will make the center of your tongue drip and cringe as if it’s waiting for that lemon-sour.  Also, FYI, it’s a dry, powder bust straight from the package. Rolls tight in a joint.


There’s a definite harshness to Pink Pineberry, but I feel like the more I cough, the more I taste the lemonade… so all in all, it’s what I would consider a good cough. Actually, that’s a lie. Halfway through it grew a little old and it was one of those ‘fuck, the joint is coming back to me again’ moments. But if you’ve got the iron lung, you’ll better be able to appreciate how the fruitiness lingers.


The high starts with hints of something at the eyes, then whooshes at you like a gust of smoke. For the next 15 minutes, it’s all about the b-b-b-body buzz. Enjoy it while it lasts, because it won’t for very long. Apex of the high was short lived and I felt somewhat drained after (but definitely not zombie burnout). More like irritable 6-year old in the toy isle at Wal-Mart.


To see my thoughts on the packaging it came in, please see our review of the Cannabis Culture house strain Cherry Alien

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