Roji OG

By TOke
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Roji OG

x_ Indica Dominant Hybrid (80/20)

Strain Genetics: OG Kush Famous Cuttings

THC: ???

Dispensary: Canna Connoisseur

Price: $15/g


Roji OG x_ If you’re smoking OG and it ain’t Roji, then I seriously do not know what you’re doing with your life. Seriously. Go take a walk and prepare yourself for some canna-greatness. Because this indica is spectacular. Maybe even a contender for the Hall of Fame (and that’s coming from a guy who isn’t particularly fond of most OG strains).

The smell of Roji OG is more of a pungent stank than a dank. Slightly skunky—I’d even go as far as saying OG similar—but with some hints of grassiness and a much sharper profile. You know the intensity of a new car air freshener fresh out the bag? Like that but AAAA weed. 
The aesthetic of the bud is outstanding: frosty green, highlights of cranberry, and purple that radiates subtly. If you’re lucky, you might even find some traces of pink at the base of the bud where it meets the stem. Seriously, the strain produces deceivingly beautiful buds. And of course, it goes without saying they look like they’re rolled in icing sugar.
Above all, it’s the aftertaste of Roji OG that gets me... every god damn time. The inhale is neutral and smooth, but the exhale is followed by a lingering candy sweetness. It makes for a delicious experience.
The high produces an awakening rush, but without the scary onset. As the headiness mingled into the mix, I felt my verbal skills start to skew. Novice users might even find themselves intensely zoning in on their surroundings. It’s not that you’re out of it. No… quite the opposite. More like heightened visual and auditory sensory awareness and a genuine sense of being in the moment. Because of it’s intensity, Roji OG is definitely better suited for an evening smoke… otherwise your day might crash and burn.
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