Sunset (Leafs By Snoop)

By TOke
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Sunset (Leafs By Snoop)

x_ Indica Dominant Hybrid (80/20)


THC: 30.8% CBD: <.07%

Licensed Producer: Tweed

Price: $9/g (+$5 for shipping)*



Sunset x_ If you suffer from insomnia, the Sunset Leafs By Snoop strain is probably right up your alley. Think of melatonin on steroids. It feels like getting smashed over the head by a bunch of Zs. It’s not so much it makes you lethargic—oh no. This stuff induces exhaustion in the purest sense of the word. It’s worth noting Sunset has a high Myrcene content, so I wasn't entirely surprised by the effect.



For everyone else, steer clear of it. In the words of the great Honey Bear, aka Snoop Dog, “Naw man…ya’ll got to come back with something better than that.” I had high hopes for this high THC, Indica Leafs By Snoop variety, but in the end, like with other LBS varieties, it fell short.


Fresh out of the jar, Sunset smells like some Alabama creeping grass. Once busted grass and pepper emerge in the foreground with nodes of mellow kush and soap operating in the background.  It’s not the most lively of smells.



The nugs were small and medium in size and noticeably dry. A ton of trichomes emerged when busted apart. Under the right light, Sunset really sparkled—just look at all the colors. So subtle, but oh so beautiful.


Pretty smooth in the harshness department but the taste was weak. It was a non-cannabis, grassy flavor with a bit of a spicy after taste.  Honestly, there is nothing else to say about the buzz other than it makes you sleepy. That point was unanimous among our network. Thus, I just can’t recommend it to anyone but those in desperate need of some sleep.

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