Toronto's 420 Celebration Was Lit

By TOke
Toronto's 420 Celebration Was Lit
The weather might have been gloomy but the day sure was bright. Toronto's 420 celebration was absolutely lit. Thousands of people showed up at Dundas Square, in the heart of downtown Toronto, to celebrate all things green in the pouring rain. 
This year's 420 was an especially special event because it is the last year the rally is taking place at Dundas Square. The celebration has gotten so big the organizers have been forced to change venues. Next year, it will be held at Nathan Phillips Square in front of city hall.
Thousands of people moved about with jubilant slits for eyes. Vendors were all around selling $5 dollar dabs, edibles, pre-rolls, and other paraphernalia. There was also people all throughout the crowd offering different cannabis products.
Marc Emery was a keynote speaker at the event.
Hell, you could probably have just stood in the crowd and benefited from some contact high. It was like an outdoor hotbox.
Police watched awkwardly across the street, directing traffic. A slightly absurd visual considering how much they've clamped down on dispensaries in the last few months. The stench of legalization lingered think in the air. Lots of political speeches happened throughout the day. 
I would rate the day at 4.20/4. Absolutely phenomenal. 

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