Zen and the Art of Rolling

By TOke
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Zen and the Art of Rolling

- Guest Post Written by "RJ/D2"


A few years ago, Snoop Dogg and Waka Flocka Flame each put out job offers for a full time blunt roller. Undoubtedly, this was in part just a clever social media marketing ploy to gain exposure, but it still raises an interesting question. What value is there, if any, in rolling your own joints?


Admittedly, the idea of contracting an outside party to roll your weed seems like sacrilege to me. It stands in stark contrast to my undergraduate hay-days of pot smoking, where my roommates and I would enter heated debates to decide who would have the privilege of showcasing their rolling abilities that evening.


But not all cannabis connoisseurs would agree with me. Many are content to outsource the  “duty” of rolling to one of their friends, or even more horrifying, to an automated rolling machine. Let me explain why these people are wrong.


On the most basic level, forgoing the art of rolling denies you from having a thorough understanding of all the nuanced aspects of marijuana herb lore; how to store your weed for optimal grinding, the joy of collecting crystals for a rare super spliff, and most importantly, knowing which brand is the crème de la crème of rolling papers.



On a deeper level, viewing the task of joint rolling as just another job or chore degrades one of the fundamental processes that make smoking enjoyable at all. Since the earliest days of civilization the sages and wise men have all taught that the journey is more valuable than the destination. This maxim is true of all elements of life; unearned rewards are not worth having.

You may think this is an undue aggrandizement of a seemingly tedious task, but I assure you it is not. The same philosophy is able to describe why outmoded and difficult crafts like wet shaving and amateur blacksmithing have made a modern resurgence. Practitioners of the artisan crafts have come to the understanding that much of the value of any endeavor comes from the effort expended to reap the reward, not simply the reward itself.


So, if you are one of those sorry folk who have been relinquishing the joy of rolling to friends or to poorly designed machinery, do yourself a favour and stop. Go buy some rolling papers and a grinder. Feel the texture of the weed between your fingertips as you delicately sprinkle it into an unwrinkled J. Feel the perspiration on your brow as you attempt to master the all-essential “turn”. Learn the art of the pinch and how to close the spliff evenly on the center of the tip, ensuring a perfect burn.


Then sit back and spark up, knowing that you are the designer of your own bliss, the architect of the perfect high. 

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